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Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Chiropractic adjustment safe?

Gonstead system utilizes every aspect of finding the cause of the problem in the spine to be specific as possible. In doing so, less force is used and less number of adjustments as well. Many people are used to the Hollywood image of people twisting their neck to make a cracking noise and call it chiropractic adjustments. For a Gonstead chiropractor, twisting the neck and cracking noise is not our goal. We do not twist the neck or spine, nor our goal is to crack the spine. Our goal is to adjust the cause of the problem. Chiropractic is natural, safe, and has very good results with many conditions. For more information check out Dr. Zen's Blog:


Is Chiropractic safe for children?

Gonstead chiropractic modifies adjustments based on client's size and condition. Infants require only very slight and gentle adjustments and typically respond to care quickly. Unlike adults, subluxations have been in existence a short amount of time in the infant's spine and take less time to correct. For more information check out Dr. Zen's Blog:


Why do we need X-rays?

X-ray films enable Chiropractors to visualize the entire structure of your spine. This is helpful in evaluating any disease process, fractures, posture, joint, disc integrity, and vertebral misalignments. At our office, we take our time to understand the cause of the problem and avoid making guesses on what is going on with the spine. For more information check out Dr. Zen's Blog:


Can you adjust me on the first day?

When the problem is complex, Dr. Zen needs some time to look at the examinations and study the patient's medical history. Dr. Zen usually needs a day to process the information and findings to adjust the spine properly.


Can you just adjust the arm or knee?

Often times the arm is not just the problem alone. After the examination, there will be signs that the arm or knee might be a result of the spinal subluxation. Dr. Zen will examine the spine to make sure to rule things out.


Are you going to do massage on my back?

At our office, we have a massage therapist that is dedicated to his work. Dr. Zen will refer patients to the massage therapist who needs more extensive time on soft tissue work.


Does my insurance cover chiropractic?

The only way to tell is when you to bring your health insurance card to the office at your first visit, or provide your health insurance information when making an appointment. As a courtesy, our front desk support team will contact your insurance to verify your insurance benefits for chiropractic care. You may also contact your health insurance to verify those benefits before making an appointment.


How do I pay for chiropractic services if I don't have health insurance?

If you do not have health insurance and need several adjustments, our clinic has different chiropractic plans with different payment options.


I was in a recent car accident, how much will my treatment cost?

Often times auto accidents are covered under the patient's PIP (Personal Insurance Protection) coverage. The "No-Fault" coverage is provided by most auto insurances in Minnesota, and it will pay for the patient's medical coverage. Patients who are at fault will most often also receive the same benefit from their auto insurance. If you were in a car accident, you will need to bring to your appointment your claim number, auto insurance policy, and we should be able to bill your auto insurance for all the treatment at our office. For more information check out Dr. Zen's Blog:


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