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Chiropractor Edina MN Zen Matsuda with x-ray results

The Gonstead Technique at Zen Chiropractic in Edina was originated by Clarence Selmer Gonstead (1898-1978). Dr. Gonstead. Dr. Gonstead developed the Gonstead

technique which has been taught to thousands of students and doctors of chiropractic and also established the world famous Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic in Mount Horeb.

The concept of chiropractic for Gonstead began with the structural foundation of the intervertebral discs. The most efficient balance and stability in the spine can be established with pelvis, vertebrae, and legs are evenly level. The primary considerations it the un even and unbalanced intervertebral misalignments, inefficient motion and disturbances, and finally the nerve interference. Any damage or injury to the intervertebral disc is one of the primary reason for causing spinal subluxations. Gonstead technique are designed for maximal restoration of the disc while also restoring normal alignment, efficient motion, and optimizing nerve function.

Dr. Zen and Gonstead System
Dr. Zen Matsuda has been practicing the Gonstead Chiropractic method since 2008. He was fortunate to be mentored by many Gonstead Chiropractors at Gonstead Metholodgy Institute and Gonstead Chiropractic Alliance. Dr. Matsuda was an officer of the Gonstead Student's club during his years as a chiropractic college student.

He practiced in Edina, MN for 10 years. After 250 hours of Gonstead Seminar experience Dr. Zen was certified as a Diplomate for the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society(G.C.S.C). G.C.S.S. is the only research based Gonstead association in the U.S and the largest Gonstead organization.

What is the difference with Gonstead System?
As mentioned above Gonstead technique in adjusting is focused on restoring intervebral disc, alignment, efficient motion, and optimizing nervefunction. To do so Dr. Gonstead designed and modified chiropractic equipment. The Hi-Lo Table was modified by Dr. Gonstead to have modifications for various conditions such as pregnant women. Dr. Gonstead's Knee-chest table is a unique for facilitating intervertebral discs that are misaligned using less force as possible for restoring subluxation from its misalignment. Dr. Gonstead also emphasized the adjust the neck vertebra by seated position. Dr. Gonstead's observation was that at a seated position the neck misalignment and intervertebral discs can be resorted with less twisting, less mechanical force, and less discomfort. Modification was made on the chairs so that each person's unique spine was accommodated.

Dr. Gonstead also had unique assessment and analysis of subluxation that involved intervertebral disc lesions, spinal nerve inflammation, abnormal joint dysfunctions.

Dr. Gonstead always viewed the full spine as a whole instead of isolating the problem to regions, also including the pelvis/hips/legs. The full

spine x-ray Anterior/Posterior and Lateral (front/back and side view) is an integrated assessment of the whole spine at one point in time. Any anomalies, deformities, or trauma can be observed on how these unique spinal changes are affecting the whole body mechanisms. In the Gonstead system there is also a unique full spine x-ray analysis. Dr. Gonstead pioneered the specific analysis of the pelvis measurements and relative positions of the adjacent vertebra

In conjunction with the radio graphical images, the persons' spine is also examined with motion, observation of posture, skin and muscle textures, walking gait, spinal thermography, neurological reflexes for a complete picture of the whole body function.

Dr. Gonstead's approach is unique, Dr Gonstead emphasized on specific adjustments for specific condition of each person that he was observing and adjusting. During his time and present day, most chiropractors are adjusting too many like a "shotgun" approach instead of taking the time to give quality analysis and specific chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Gonstead understand that the more quality then quantity approach gave maximum restoration and balance in function.

Dr. Gonstead's chiropractic adjustments were described as short lever, high velocity and low amplitude rather than long lever assisted force application. Long lever meant more twisting and less specific chiropractic adjustments, which often times did not restore the disc, remained inefficient motion, and nerve function was still interfered. Dr. Gonstead invented short lever with less twisting and more specific chiropractic adjustments which targeted on restoring the disc, create normal efficient motion, and optimal nerve function. High velocity meant quick acceleration of force then using muscle to move vertebra and low amplitude meant enough force and movement that was able to make correction in the spinal misalignment.

Dr. Gonstead's adjusment also had another unique feature. Instead of contacting broader areas of the spine or parts of the body to create enough motion to restore joints, Dr. Gonstead used the center of the spinal vertebra. This helped to use less twisting, which was the tendency for most chiropractic techniques. Dr. Gonstead used specific force application that used less force but used spinal anatomy to assist in the chiropractic adjustment force to a gentle correction.

gonstead In this modern time after passing of Dr. Gonstead, the Gonstead Clinical Study Society (G.C.S.S.) are continue his work. Many of this students started this organization to continue teaching and refine as the time changes with technology that were not present at the time of Dr. Gonstead. The G.C.S.S. conducts examinations for Diplomate status for experienced and qualified chiropractors who practice the Gonstead system. Qualifications includes attending sufficient hours of seminars and training in the Gonstead system. Also teaching the Gonstead system, publishing research for the Gonstead system. The people who apply to the G.C.S.S. for Diplomate status have a strong base in the chiropractic principles and have a great interest in improving the abilities of themselves and future doctors of chiropractic.

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