Chiropractic Testimonials

"I started seeing Dr. Zen Matsuda due to shoulder pain and lower back pain. I have been to other chiropractors before but I was immediately struck by his holistic approach to the body and healing. He incorporated adjustment with acupressure and breathing/meditation exercises. He’s also an excellent teacher and took time to explain everything as we went along. After years of shoulder pain, it is finally starting to heal and getting better as well. More importantly I feel more informed to take care of my own health and well being. I recommend Zen’s approach of bringing Eastern and Western medicine together, to many people-it’s been a great experience!”

- John N.

“I was dealing with some persistent back pain and discomfort. During the same time I was struggling with some emotional difficulties that affected my everyday life. I was sleeping a lot but not well, was lethargic, despondent and unmotivated. Through Zen’s holistic approach to chiropractic coupled with his gentleness and genuine care, he helped me to realize for myself how closely mind, body, and emotions are connected and set me on a path to healing. Dr. Matsuda is not concerned with temporary adjusting patients and temporary reliving pain; he is committed to the whole person and their complete healing. I am truly grateful for the kind of attention Dr. Matsuda has given me as his patient. I have never experienced this with any doctor before, and it has changed my life.”

- Maggie C.

“I always had my periods very irregular. Now I know exactly the date I’ll have the next period. I’ve never imagined a Chiropractor could adjust my hormones so much! My husband has high blood pressure and after the adjustment, the numbers go down instantly. Amazing! I thought Chiropractors were only for back pains.”

- Hae S.

“I could not do any ADLs (Activity for Daily Living) at all. Now I can have normal life since receiving chiropractic care. The doctor had good communication to help me to understand my back pain and did the right thing for me. The doctor treated me in respectful manner and solved my back pain. I would say someone who is hesitant for chiropractic that, ‘you can depend on the chiropractic doctor and also there is no sideeffect like the western medicine.”

- Takashi M.


“Good! When work gets busy and my body starts to suffer, getting Dr. Zen’s adjustments really helped. Initially I have tingling sensation from the back to my legs, but after seeing Dr. Zen and leaving the office I sometimes noticed that the tingling is gone.”

- Shoichi N.


“Dr. Zen’s passion for healing is wonderful. It made me feel that I wanted to be healed. Without Dr. Zen’s help, I didn’t think the performance for opera wouldn’t have been a great success. It feels like I finally found a doctor that can help my neck. Even if it takes a long time I would like his help to heal my neck.”

- Kaori W.

“I started coming to see Dr. Zen when I was suffering from morning sickness during my pregnancy. By adjusting my back and neck, Dr. Zen helped me to actually enjoy my pregnancy. I did not have lower back pain, which is a common symptom for many pregnant moms. Dr. Zen also helped my uterus to be in the right position, which helped my body to carry the baby in the perfect way. With all these preparation, my labor was a smooth and miraculously short. Baby was ready to come out! I feel lucky that I found a good Chiropractor to know what to do at each stage of pregnancy.”

- B. Lee

"I love coming to this place. People a very nice, supportive and professional. I am glad I've found them, my life has become better."

- Elisangela F.

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