A Chiropractor For Pregnancy In Eden Prairie Can Bring Relief


During the last few months of pregnancy, it’s easy to understand how the aches and pains occur. Your center of gravity has changed completely. The distribution of weight is different and uneven. Lower backaches and hip pain don’t have to be the norm for pregnant women when they use a chiropractor for pregnancy in Eden Prairie. Chiropractic care during pregnancy also benefits the baby and helps the mother recover faster after delivery.

Less is always more during pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant, everything you do to your body can affect the baby’s health. What you eat, the medicine you take, how often you exercise, and how comfortable you feel play a role in the baby’s development. Taking care of yourself first isn’t selfish. It’s a loving way to help ensure the safety of the baby. Chiropractic medicine doesn’t involve any drugs or surgery. It’s non-invasive and more like physical therapy that promotes total body health.

Your physical changes affect your posture and make you uncomfortable.

As the baby develops and grows, so does your belly. It becomes heavier and shifts the center of gravity. That affects your posture and forces your body to adjust to that change. It can cause the spine to misalign. The increasing size of the belly changes the back curvature and causes adaptations in your posture. Pregnancy also causes changes in the pelvis, preparing it for delivery.

The help of chiropractic care not only brings pain relief, but it can also benefit the baby.

There may be less room in your pelvis for the baby if it isn’t aligned correctly. That can lead to intrauterine constraint, which can lead to birth defects. It also can cause a problem during delivery, making it harder for the baby to move into the best position in the birth canal to make birth easier. It can prevent a natural birth and require more invasive surgical techniques or complications during delivery. Some studies show chiropractic care during pregnancy can reduce the time in labor.

  • Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help relieve neck, hip, joint, or back pain. It helps reduce the symptoms of nausea and make it more comfortable during pregnancy.
  • Always check with your OBGYN before seeing a chiropractor when you’re pregnant, especially if you have vaginal bleeding, placenta previa or placenta abruption, moderate or severe toxemia, or an ectopic pregnancy.
  • A licensed chiropractor has training in helping pregnant women, but some specialize in prenatal care. They have all the equipment necessary, including specialized tables, to help pregnant women.
  • Positioning the baby correctly, creating adequate room for growth, creating an easier delivery, and reducing the risk of using more invasive procedures are all benefits to the baby for chiropractic care.


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