My Story

My Story

My Story

I want to tell you about my life-changing experience.

From Pain to Purpose

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have more energy, sleep better, or just get more out of what you enjoy doing most in life? I did. And now I want to tell you about my life-changing experience.

I was born and raised in South Minneapolis, youngest of four boys. My mother was a Registered Nurse. She advised us on how to eat healthy, exercise, and pray every day. I did not get sick usually but when I did, I was bedridden for 2-3 days. At the age of 13, my life took a sudden turn when he was struck by a car while riding my bike. Though fortunate to escape with no broken bones, I found myself temporarily unable to walk. Despite eventually regaining mobility, the incident left a lingering legacy of chronic headaches, low back pain, seasonal depression, and knee issues, casting a shadow over my daily life, especially during my school years.

Upon graduating high school, I attended a conference where a chiropractor conducted spinal analysis. It was there that he received the revelation that one of my legs was a whole inch longer than the other. Through a subsequent chiropractic adjustment, I underwent a process of detoxification and acute inflammation, initially feeling bewildered by what seemed like a setback in my healing journey.

My chiropractor educated me on the science of the nervous system. He told me about why I didn’t feel any pain for a long time. He told me that less than 10% of the nervous system consists of sensory pain fibers that actually help a person feel pain when something is wrong. Only 10%! The rest of the 90% of nerves in the body tell it how to work. That is when I realized how I never noticed the one inch of difference in my leg lengths and the chronic problems in my spine. There was something wrong… but I didn’t feel pain.

However, I soon discovered that regular chiropractic care not only relieved my migraines, low back problems, and depression but also granted me the ability to finally enjoy restful nights of sleep. This transformative experience ignited a profound desire within me to pursue a career as a chiropractor where I shadowed a general chiropractor and learned the basics. Driven by my admiration for the healing potential of alternative medicine and his innate inclination to aid others in their natural healing journeys.

From my personal experience with chiropractic, I saw potential for people around the world who too could have better health just like me. Telling my chiropractic story is just one way I hope to motivate more people to take better care of themselves. You have an important decision to make. Get your spine checked out!


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