Don’t Continue To Suffer When You Can Get Back Problem Relief In Eden Prairie


There’s nothing worse than a painful back that isn’t helped by changing position, lying down, or getting rest. Those things can make the pain worse. It keeps you awake at night. The exhaustion makes you more susceptible to chronic pain. You can get back problem relief in Eden Prairie. Chiropractic therapy focuses on bringing relief. Pain occurs for many reasons, and chiropractic medicine identifies those problems to help you live pain-free and sleep soundly.

An accident can create problems years later.

If you had a bad fall, a car wreck, or another accident, you might not feel the problems for years. It takes years for the subluxations to affect other areas of the body. Back issues may be your only sign indicating a problem could appear later in life. It may occur due to pressure on nerves or a misalignment causing other issues. Even if you feel better in a few weeks, always have a chiropractic evaluation to avoid future issues that may not seem related.

Lack of sleep can affect your entire body.

If you don’t get enough sleep because of back pain, it can affect your entire body. Lack of sleep affects your mental health. It causes your cognitive functioning to be slower. It also affects your mood. People who lack sleep are more susceptible to becoming irritable and cranky. Lack of sleep affects many physical parts of the body. It can create heart issues and cause weight gain. When you lack sleep, the body produces more ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and less leptin, the satiety hormone. When you’re hungry all the time, you eat more and gain weight.

Back issues affect your health in other ways.

If your back is sore, you probably won’t exercise. Exercising is vital to good health. One study found that people who had back pain used more drugs for pain relief than those who didn’t. They had more visits to the doctor for other issues. They had increased healthcare costs and more time off work. One conclusion was that doctors need to find alternative methods to deal with back pain rather than simply prescribing painkillers. Chiropractic medicine can do that.

  • Back pain drains you of energy. Every movement feels like a major feat. Getting help from a chiropractor can make the difference between exhaustion and high energy.
  • If you take prescription or over-the-counter drugs for back pain, you might end up with more problems. Every drug has some side effect, even aspirin. The fewer drugs you have to take, the better. Chiropractors use non-invasive techniques and get results without drugs.
  • Some people get relief from old issues that caused years of pain but continue to go to a chiropractor, just less often. They do it to maintain their good health and as a preventative measure.
  • You might be surprised at how other issues disappear when you address even minor back pain. Often, the same thing causing the back pain contributes to or causes those issues.



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