How To Find The Best Chiropractor In Minnetonka

Chiropractic treatment has become quite popular for a reason. It uses no medicine that can have side effects and is non-invasive. While there might be a bit of soreness for a short time after treatment, for most people, there are no side effects. Once you decide to investigate chiropractic medicine or have used it previously but not recently, you want to find the best chiropractor in Minnetonka. Here are some tips to help.

Ask people you know.

Getting a referral is one good way to start the process of selection. Your insurance company may cover the fees of chiropractors. If they do, do you have to use one in their network to be covered? If so, use the list of chiropractors as a starting place. Primary care physicians often make recommendations and provide a referral list. Friends, family, and other healthcare specialists may also provide a recommendation. Once you have a list, call each office to see if they’re accepting new patients, especially if you’re on Medicare.

Check the websites of chiropractors on your list or those you found using a search engine.

You can learn a lot from checking a chiropractor’s website. You can find the type of chiropractic medicine they practice, whether they have any specialties, and their schooling and other credentials. Chiropractic medicine requires licensing and years of training. That’s normally on the website and so is the number of years in practice. will provide information on malpractice, disciplinary history, medical school, certifications, and the training hospital of the chiropractor.

Check the mission statement or “about” on the website.

You can tell a lot about a person by checking their website. What they tell you about themselves is what they think is their most valuable asset. If you have a preference for someone who takes time to talk and discuss your fears, issues, or concerns, the website will indicate whether they provide that time. Some chiropractors offer other services and use a holistic approach. If that sounds like what you want, check to see if they’re certified in areas like Wellness Lifestyle.

  • Consider your comfort levels. If you prefer to work with a female or male, check chiropractors meeting those specifications first. It will save time. The same is true for age and other factors. It’s all about who makes you feel comfortable.
  • You’ll find reviews on many websites when searching for chiropractors. Read them. They can provide insight into other people’s experiences. One negative report among over a hundred positive ones shouldn’t bother you, but if it’s reversed, cross that chiropractor off your list.
  • Schedule a time and do an interview. It will cost you time and money but be well worth the effort. If you like the chiropractor you can schedule an appointment immediately. If you don’t, you haven’t wasted many resources.
  • If you have a busy schedule and prefer some things done via the internet, check to see if they use telecommunication technology as a time saver. Since chiropractic medicine is a hands-on style of care, it will save some time, but not as much as it does with traditional medicine.



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