Use A Chiropractor For Trauma In Eden Prairie


Trauma is identified as a deeply distressing experience or physical injury. In this case, we’re discussing physical, not emotional trauma. Throughout life, some situations cause trauma to the body. Car accidents, sports injuries, and even slipping on the ice can have long-lasting consequences. Sometimes, the most innocent movement can trigger pain from a fall years before or can create a problem of misalignment. You can get relief from the pain using a chiropractor for trauma in Eden Prairie.

The problem can come from the original trauma and be exacerbated by the inability to adapt.

Identifying the original trauma is only part of the problem. If you are in pain immediately following a car accident, it’s easy to pinpoint the cause. In most cases, it’s about how you deal with it after the original injury. If you have an injury that causes you to change your posture or walk differently, it can create longer-lasting damage if there’s no intervention. Spinal trauma from an accident is easy to identify, but it’s not that easy for everyone.

The origination of trauma may surprise you.

A trauma to the body doesn’t have to come from a fall or accident. It can occur over time from a bad habit. If you’re slumping at your desk trying to see a computer screen or carrying a heavy purse on one shoulder, you are traumatizing your body a little at a time. Sleeping on your stomach, being a couch potato, or any continuous activity that changes your posture over time leads to misalignment causing body trauma. It ultimately leads to other conditions such as tight muscles causing headaches, fatigue, or digestive issues.

Chiropractic treatment may help serious brain conditions.

Doctors are using new chiropractic treatments to help reduce seizures and epilepsy. Studies show that upper cervical manipulations can improve some brain-based conditions. A small study of 15 pediatric patients showed that upper cervical therapy provided positive outcomes. It’s a new approach for treating pediatric victims of epilepsy and seizures.

  • Chiropractic treatment can help prevent the trauma of surgery. One of the guidelines for treating lower back pain is to use chiropractic care before resorting to surgery, which is far more traumatic.
  • Chronic pain and trauma can lead to a life of medication. Turning to chiropractic medicine can help relieve the pain and eliminate medications that also play a role in creating more trauma for the body.
  • Your body and mind are connected. You’ll show signs of your emotional well-being in your stance and posture. Those can become permanent if there’s no intervention. Realigning the body can help relieve the stress and change your attitude.
  • Chiropractic care can help with trauma to the brain caused by an accident. It can help restore cerebrospinal fluid circulation, improve blood flow to the brain, and restore neuroplasticity.



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