Benefit From The Gonstead System In Eden Prairie


The Gonstead System in Eden Prairie is a chiropractic system using five ways to identify the cause of a health issue. The more ways we use to get information, the better we can pinpoint the exact location and source of the problem. Chiropractic medicine looks for the cause of symptoms and treats the cause. Health and wellness are the ultimate goals in chiropractic medicine. The Gonstead system uses visualization, instrumentation, palpation, X-rays, and the patient’s symptoms to pinpoint and address the issue.

What is visualization?

You can often identify a person’s occupation by looking at them and how they walk. Many people who work long hours at the computer have a forward slump and tell-tale posture. The pain of text neck is real. Habitual movements or weight chronically carried on one side can cause changes in the body that affect the spine’s alignment. An injury can cause a change in posture or gait. It often occurs when the person attempts to avoid a painful movement. Visual inspection can identify an imbalance in height from one side to the other. Well-trained chiropractors can immediately spot an unusual gait, misaligned hips, and other problems.

Knowing the symptoms provides a wealth of information.

There’s a reason chiropractors who use the Gonstead System take so long in initial interviews. Sometimes unrelated symptoms are directly related to the problem for which the patient seeks help. It also helps pinpoint the cause more precisely. There are two parts of the nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Conditions that affect each one display different symptoms and help identify subluxations and the techniques necessary to treat the problem.

X-rays, instrumentation, and palpitation are also used.

The X-rays provide a look under the skin, while palpitation shows the results of subluxation. X-rays can identify problems with posture, identify the issue causing the original complaint, and often uncover other issues the patient may have. Instruments can help by locating inflammation by taking the temperature in several areas and when used after treatment begins, the progress that’s being made.

  • Identifying whether the legs, vertebrae, and pelvis are even is vital to the Gonstead system. If these areas are not balanced, it can cause problems that lead to nerve interference, pain, and other symptoms.
  • The Gonstead system uses modified chiropractic equipment like the Hi-Lo table used for pregnant women and the Knee-chest table are two innovations used. Seated neck alignments are another. It requires less twisting, force, and discomfort.
  • The Gonstead system identifies the location of the problem but also views the solution considering the entire spine since it affects all other areas. Treatment is specific to each area while considering the effects on the whole spine.
  • The Gonstead System uses less twisting. It requires less force but uses the spine’s design to help realignment.



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