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June 25, 2024

Are Chiropractic Adjustments Safe?

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Chiropractic adjustments in Eden Prairie, MN, are personalized and created specifically for each individual after rigorous evaluation. There’s great care taken in evaluating a patient’s problem and creating a diagnosis at our Eden Prairie location. We use the Gonstead technique that identifies the specific location of the problem through the use of X-rays, palpitation, the use of instruments, and visualization.

The doctor uses non-invasive techniques to correct the specific misalignment.

Unlike some other chiropractic techniques that may involve generalized adjustments, the Gonstead method emphasizes precise adjustments targeted at the exact vertebrae that are misaligned. This specificity helps to ensure optimal results without causing issues in other areas of the spine. The goal of the technique is to be as precise as possible and address only the problem area.

It’s a holistic approach to good health.

The communication between your brain and your body affects the entire body. Areas that limit communication because of misalignment affect both mental and physical health. Restoring the connection and eliminating any interference of the messages to and from the nervous system can renew the health and wellness your body should experience. The pain doesn’t have to be back pain to be from a misalignment. Sometimes, a vertebra that’s out of line in the neck can cause arm and leg pain. It causes a limitation of range of motion and can cause nerve pain extending to the tips of the fingers or down to the toes.

Less is more in medicine, but it takes more time.

Identifying the specific problem area may take longer, but precision ensures it’s safer. Less is more when it comes to medicine. Precision is the key to focusing on less. It’s why the doctor takes so much care to learn about the individual, the pain, and other areas of their body or life that the misalignment might be affecting. Even a slight misalignment can cause the hips to be uneven. That slight shift affects the rest of the body, just as a shift in the foundation of a house can affect the entire structure.

  • Many things can affect the alignment of the vertebrae. A sudden jar, like an accident, can cause a problem. Continuous pressure or several minor incidences can also have an effect.
  • The body can often handle trauma on its own, but not always. Sometimes, it requires assistance. Repeated incidences don’t allow the body to heal, or the injury overwhelms the body. Chiropractic adjustments provide that assistance to the body.
  • A holistic approach to spinal issues and the problems misalignments cause can help prevent future problems. Identifying that posture may be the cause helps the chiropractor correct the problem and recommend ways to prevent future ones.
  • Addressing an issue of pain from misalignment and treating the issue can help prevent further deterioration that ultimately can involve surgery. Surgery is far more dangerous and life-altering.

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