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May 10, 2022


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Gonstead Chiropractic has a focused definition; finding and correcting vertebral subluxations for getting the full potential of nerve function.

As a student going to Chiropractic College to become a Chiropractor, I received chiropractic care through trading adjustments with other students and adjustments from instructors. Of course, a wide variety of techniques was taught, and there were many tools and therapies to learn throughout our many hours in class. For some students, the general chiropractic education was enough. My spine was adjusted so many different ways without proper standards and without an understanding of what was going on with my spine. Eventually, I was having more spinal problems rather than spinal improvement, so I started to search for a Chiropractor who would help my condition.

I came across the Gonstead Technique and I was adjusted by someone who was practicing the technique, then I immediately noticed the difference. My spinal problems went away, I was seeing better results, then my posture got better, and the radiological films showed the proper curvature of my spine was restored.

Then I learned the history of Dr. Clarence Gonstead. Throughout his career, Dr. Gonstead adjusted 7 million people, built a huge clinic which can hold over 100 people at the waiting room, built a hotel for people to stay overnight, and an airstrip for airplanes can fly people from other states or other countries. Dr. Gonstead had Rheumatoid Arthritis in his past and was cured with Chiropractic. His hands and joints were not able to use brute muscle force to do Chiropractic, as many chiropractors rely on, so he developed a chiropractic adjusting technique which was precise, specific, and finessed, which resulted in softer and less forceful adjustments with results.

Dr. Gonstead took great measures to perfect his methods; developing a skill to perfection is highly valued in Japanese culture. As a person who embraces Japanese culture as my own, I enjoy perfecting the skills and continual practice which surpasses what was taught to me in Chiropractic College. I have been practicing Gonstead Technique ever since 2005.

Our Chiropractic Technique and Philosophy is DIFFERENT.

This is a Gonstead Clinic and that means: you are treated as an individual. The doctor only adjusts the specific vertebrae in question, not ALL of them. There is a scientific method to determine exactly how we treat your spine. With the Gonstead Technique, there is never over-powering your neck muscles to over-twist your neck or back. Our doctors have had extensive training and education to specialize as Gonstead Chiropractors, which goes above-and-beyond the standard Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Operating a Gonstead practice requires extra education hours, seminar hours, practice hours, requires advanced radiology and diagnostic equipment- – Why go this far for Chiropractic — Because our clients see the objective results.

Gonstead Chiropractic in Dr. Zen’s Own Words

Gonstead Chiropractic has a focused definition; finding and correcting vertebral subluxations for getting the full potential of nerve function. The brain and the nervous system control every muscle and organ in the body. All the cells in your body are controlled and monitored by your brain and spinal cord, and any small interference to this communication from the brain to the body can cause health problems and pain. The Gonstead Chiropractor utilizes specific and scientific analysis to detect any harmful misalignments on the x-ray film, and then specifically corrects the misalignment with finesse, thereby restoring fully functional nerves and health.

If areas of abnormal misalignments (subluxations) are identified in your back, the Chiropractor will recommend a course of Chiropractic adjustment routine. The Gonstead Chiropractic technique involves thorough spinal analysis with x-ray and computerized neurological examination and detects the presence of vertebral subluxations. The Gonstead adjustment is done with great detail and care, and only the problem areas of the spine are our Edina chiropractor today.